・・・History of Uotome
 Uotome, a Japanese style restaurant, was originally a wholesale fish store.
In 1887, Tomekichi who was the founder and chef established Uotome as a high quality Japanese restaurant. The name of‘Uotome’was originated in such a history that‘UO’ means fish in Japanese and‘TOME’is from founder's name.
Kakunosuke, the third owner and chef, devised the restaurant wedding for the first time in Takefu area Therefore‘Uotome’is famous as the oldest wedding hall in here as well as their restaurant.
Currently the head chef and the hostess are in the forth generation, and their son is working in the kitchen as a senior chef, and his wife is also helping the hostess to serve their guests and she will succeed the hostess in the future.And there are also more than ten staffs who are working with the family to welcome guests. The current building was rebuilt in 1993. There are both Japanese style rooms and luxurious Western style rooms.
You could choose either one, depending on your purpose and the number of your group.

・・・The variety of rooms
The variety of rooms There are various rooms in the building.
The capacity is from 2 to 180 guests. You could choose your room for your dining from many kinds of rooms like following typical Japanese style rooms where you will sit on Japanese TATAMI floor or on HORIGOTATSU. Also we have Western style rooms which have the tables and chairs.
Every room is being decollated according to the seasons and your purposes.There is sunken area beneath the dining table as a comfortable leg room on TATAMI floor. So you can stretch your legs during your dining.

・・・Foods&Dining is entertainment
Both the forth head-chef and his son who will be the fifth head-chef had long years of training.
The forth had it in Tokyo and the fifth had it in Kyoto. Therefore each dish is cooked in the both ways which enhance so many varieties of the freshest local ingredients.
In every season we have large number of seasonal ingredients from sea and mountain, for example, red tai fish, bamboo shoot and local mushroom in spring, abalone, eggplant, many other vegetables in summer, sasakarei flounder, matsutake mushroom in autumn, Echizen snow crab, turnip in winter.
The chefs’ dedicated works always enhance the taste of the gifts from the nature best for each customer.‘Uotome’doesn't have a fixed menu. Every day the chefs bring the best ingredients from the market and then they decide the menu of the day. We're always trying to prepare the freshest and the most delicious foods for our guests.

Winter is snow, autumn is moon, and spring is flowers.
Japanese always care about changes of the seasons. We’re trying to make you feel and sense it by our dishes. Our job is not only making the dishes but also decorating rooms, choosing the plates, serving the dishes to the guests, finding the best sake for the dishes, and trying to make a few hours of your dining the valuable experience.
We'll be very happy if you feel like that you see a movie or drama of the dining and you will bring‘A memory of Uotome’back to your home.